How virtual data rooms benefit private equity fundraising deals

Virtual data rooms are convenient for various tasks, including business solutions. With their help, you can safely conduct transactions, work with documents, and create a corporate environment.

Benefits of Using Virtual Data Rooms

VDR technologies are becoming more and more popular due to their undeniable advantages:

  • Providing global access to data from anywhere in the world and from any device with Internet access.
  • Flexible management of unlimited storage space, the volume of which is determined by current business needs and workloads.
  • Higher data protection from technical failures, human factors, sabotage intrusions, and theft attempts.
  • Uninterrupted access to information due to the mandatory use of strict IT standards in data centers and, as a result, ensuring the continuity of business processes.
  • The ability to choose between public, private, or hybrid storage of information with different levels of control over data management.
  • Joint work on documents of a large number of employees with the differentiation of their rights of access to information.
  • Instant exchange of large amounts of data between geographically distributed offices.
  • Ability to integrate cloud storage with numerous services.
  • Access to powerful computing resources for processing, structuring, and systematizing large arrays of disparate information.
  • No need for constant investments in the modernization, expansion, and maintenance of data storage systems and related IT infrastructure and, as a result, the release of funds for the development and implementation of innovations, optimization of capital expenditures, and operating costs in general.
  • Accelerating the launch of new commercial projects and bringing them to market.
  • Payment only for used resources.

Are there any downsides to this service? Of course, there are, but most of them are irrational and psychological. For example, according to a survey conducted by the portal in 2017, many call the risks associated with loss of control over data management, leakage, or loss of information an obstacle to the transition to the “cloud”.

How to choose a virtual data room

It will not be challenging to choose the best option for your business if you pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Service cost. First and foremost, a virtual data room needs to be affordable for your business. Fortunately, the range of such services allows you to find the best option. A data room costs vary from $50-100 per month to thousands and even tens of thousands.
  • Functionality and ease of use. The program should contain all the options necessary for your business while being convenient and understandable “at a glance.” In a small company, employees will only have a few weeks to learn new software.
  • Possibility to order a trial version. Make sure that you can use the program for at least a few days (and preferably a month) for free. This will allow you to better understand its device and decide if your team likes this software.
  • Pay attention also to reviews from other users. It is worth it if companies or small businesses speak well of software. Read reviews on different sites, and make sure they are all written by real people—usually, programs with good reviews please buyers.

As for the year the developer company was founded, it doesn’t matter. You can trust a new product and not miscalculate.